About The Conclave

The World of Work has undergone massive disruptions over the last 18 months and the very concept of "Work", "Workforce" and the "Workplace" has undergone a sea change. Some of the major Future of Work trends that have emerged from the pandemic are:

  • Emergence of a Hybrid Work setting (Work from Anywhere)
  • Need for repurposing and remodelling the organization to ensure higher growth
  • Emergence of critical skills and capability requirements in this context
  • Shift from managing the employee experience to managing the life experience of their employees
  • Contingent worker expansion
  • Transition from designing for efficiency and productivity to designing for resilience also while pushing for growth

While many of these trends were gaining traction very slowly over the years, the pandemic has accelerated these trends almost across all industries and sectors. All these have resulted in massive shifts in how work gets done in organizations and experts predict many of these shifts may be permanent.

In the context of the above, the battle-hardened and resilient Human Resources function once again finds itself at a very challenging juncture. While the task during the first wave was to respond to the shock and ensure continuity of work, HR is now tasked with crafting a memorable return-to-workplace journey. However, the operating environment is very challenging and a recent survey conducted by CII has revealed several top challenges that HR is grappling with:

  • Strategies for Hybrid Working Model and driving Employee Experience in a Hybrid Work setting
  • Re-modelling of Work and Workplace for the Hybrid Reality
  • Identifying and developing the right Leadership Model for the new normal
  • Developing a future-ready workforce: Focused upskilling & imparting broad-based digital training
  • Driving digital business transformation
  • Managing the alternate workforce landscape
  • Driving Happiness in the Workplace by ensuring Physical & Mental Health issues of employees

As organizations move from crisis response toward recovery, business and industry in India, at large, is in a phase of aspiring for sustainable, responsible and long-term high Growth. After having led organizations manage the disruptions during the first wave of the pandemic, the HR function is now expected to partner with businesses to Power Growth – for both the organization and for the growth and development of its People. At the same time, HR also needs to be "anti-fragile" to brace for any future disruptions/ crises and enable bold organizational decisions.

This will involve a complete repurposing and remodelling of the organization for stronger financial performance, increased employee engagement, higher customer trust and creating significant long-term value generation. Traditionally leaders have resorted to the Head (strategic thinking, reasoning, analysis etc.) to approach and solve complex problems. However, the changing context also mandates to solve business challenges with the Heart (trust, compassion, emotions, values) and a lot of Courage (bold decisions and actions) and the role of the HR function is paramount to catalyse organization-wide interventions in these respects.

In the context of the above, the 11th CII HR Conclave, scheduled between 25 – 26 November 2021, is centered around the theme of Powering Growth with Head, Heart and Courage and the role of HR in taking organizations and talent to the next 'S' curve of growth.