Reimagining Life - Making Sense of the New Normal and impact on Lives, Livelihood and Enterprise


  Mr. Suresh Narayanan
Chairman & Managing Director, Nestle India Ltd.

Mr. Sanjay Behl
Chairman, CII National Committee on Leadership & HR & Co-Founder & CEO | EVP Global Marketing, Nextqore Private Limited

Dr. Prince Augustin
Conclave Chair & EVP- Group Human Capital & Leadership Development, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Psychological safety has been hit the hardest as a result of the global pandemic and there is a general sense of fear in the subconscious minds of people and an overall sense of powerlessness. These affects mindsets, emotions, social behaviours and overall wellbeing and is is fundamental for creativity, innovation, and high performance. It establishes trust and respect among team members, allowing them to take risks.

In these times of crisis, leaders are required at all levels who can provide psychological safety and an atmosphere of trust in the corporate culture, even in the face of danger and threat and provide emotional reassurance that there is always a silver lining behind the challenges faced.

The session with a world renowned hostage negotiator and professor from IMD, Lausanne, will help participants to learn about mechanisms for leading under stress and high pressure with special reference to:

  • How should we prepare ourselves for facing these challenges and turn them into opportunities for ourselves and our businesses.
  • How to lead from the Mind’s Eye, the foundation of High Performance Leadership
  • What it means to be a Secure Base Leader and the power of psychology safety
  • How to influence with high impact through the “person” effect and the power of ”language”
  • Techniques to “rewire the brain” for maintaining high motivation
  • What “hostage negotiators” know that leaders must learn
Moderator: Mr. Sumit Mitra
Head - Group Human Resources and Corporate Services, Godrej Industries Limited
Keynote By: Prof. George Kohlrieser
Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, IMD, Lausanne
Panelist: Dr. Prince Augustin
Co-Chairman, CII HR Conclave & EVP- Group Human Capital and Leadership Development, Mahindra Group

As Corporate Leaders shrug off the forgettable first two quarters, they deal with three new phenomenon which have never been so omnipresent – First, the sub-conscious insecurity that is palpable in their organization leadership; Second - a world that expects them to play a role beyond what they have ever played and Third, the need to provide a vision in these times of uncertainty. There is a need to inspire the Corporate Leadership and provide them with a fresh perspective to look at the challenges and opportunities ahead. In this context, Corporate leadership today demands working towards a Higher Purpose, All Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture.

The Panel Speakers will provide their unique takes on how to make sense of the new normal and inspire the audience of HR and Business Leadership to look beyond and deal with the nuances of HR creating tangible business impact in the areas of top line, bottom line, financial health, dealing with people costs and investments, safeguarding the new norms of social businesses along with commercial objectives, building new age culture and capabilities, handling new challenges of lifestyle related mental wellness, expectations of employee experiences and business modelling on flexi work, worker and workplace.

The Session will focus on:

  • Identifying the priorities facing CEOs on the People Agenda and understanding of their expectations by the CHROs
  • Focusing on the challenges and concerns of the CHROs and the need for facilitation by the CEOs
  • Evaluating the external view to the challenges ahead and getting the CEOs/ CHROs take them in their consideration while setting the agenda for the near and mid-term
Moderator: Mr. Rajesh Padmanabhan
CEO, Talavvy Business Catalysts LLP
Panelists: Mr. Lalit Agarwal
Chairman and Managing Director, V-Mart Retail Ltd.

Mr. Amit Kumar
President, Chief Supply Chain & Digital Officer, Global Chemicals, Fertilisers, Fashion Yarn & Insulators Sector, Aditya Birla Group

Ms. Ira Gupta
Head of Human Resources, Microsoft India

Ms. Anuradha Razdan
Executive Director HR, HUL and Vice President HR, South Asia, Unilever Limited

Mr. Amit Sinha
President - Group Strategy, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

What is a millennial? Is it a demographic defined by age? Or is it more a state of mind/ a way of life?

The Millennial Way of Life is shaping the contours of Industry today, as they boldly go out to realize their dreams. Fired by their passions, they make choices on how they want to live, work and leave their own unique legacy.

Equally, leaders in Corporate India have spent time trying to understand the mind and heart of this group– to engage, develop and retain them in the corporate world! These have led to insights on what approaches really DO NOT work (and lessons learnt) and what perhaps, is the SECRET SAUCE to really catalyze the dreams of the millennials and creating that magic at the workplace!

This session will aim to redefine “what is a millennial” – and then evoke a conversation from three perspectives

  • Perspectives from Thought leaders on what is the best definition of “The Millennial”
  • Perspectives from those who embraced “The Millennial Way” - who have chosen diverse paths to realize their passions and potential – to get insights on how they view life, passion, careers, organizations and more
  • Perspectives from corporate leaders who have tested various approaches to engage retain and develop this workforce - to share what worked and what backfired

These perspectives will then be channelized to provoke reflections on the Opportunity this presents to Corporate India as we reimagine growth

Moderator: Ms. Mahalakshmi R
Head HR India, Mondelez
Panelists: Mr. Pankaj Bansal
Co-Founder and CEO, PeopleStrong

Dr Tanvi Gautam
Global keynote Speaker, Author, C suite advisor

Mr. Mohit Gundecha
Co-Founder and CEO, Jombay

Mr. Vikram Poddar
Corporate Comedian, BoredRoom Comedy

Past evidences inform us that disease outbreaks affect men and women differently in their lives and livelihoods and the ongoing pandemic is no different. It has exacerbated gender equalities and disproportionately impacted working women in many ways. Experts fear that the marginal gains made during the last couple of decades in improving gender diversity at the workplace may be nullified.

The session will discuss

  • What are the key shifts that Women workers are finding in their Lives as a result of the pandemic and how have they impacted their professional, emotional and mental well-being?
  • How has the role of being the household provider and the additional role of taking care of children added to the challenge for working women? How are they grappling with this change?
  • How are Organizations getting impacted due to these shifts?
  • How are Organizations addressing these challenges and helping women managers to cope up with their challenges?
Moderator: Ms. Madhavi Lall
Managing Director, Head HR India, Deutsche Bank
Panelists: Ms. Shipra Singh
Director HR, Microsoft India

Mr. Avijit Bhattacharya
Tata Capital

Ms. Emrana Sheikh
Enterprise HR Head - India & South Asia, Johnson & Johnson

Mr. Anish Sarkar
India CEO, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services

Balancing Lives and Livelihoods – The Change Agenda

Speaker: Mr. Rahul Sinha
President HR, Pidilite Industries Ltd.

What should you and your CHRO do?

The influence of digital is so massive that enterprises will need to put the ‘horse ahead of the cart’ and not treat it as enabling or support any more. This session will be from a digital crusader who will drive digital awareness, sensitivities of change needed and will help us visualise the new world. It will also drive digital inclusion and make an attempt to eliminate fears, anxieties and stress the importance of multi Gen living and working together seamlessly. The takeaway will be building agility and adaptability and driving success by complete tech adoption. May be, People and Digital are two sides of the same coin, mutually together yet distinct and inseparable. The session is aimed at delegates picking up learning’s to help ride the wave.

The session will discuss:

  • How can CHROs help achieve the balance between Culture & productivity through digital transformation?
  • How can individuals manage their stress and what is the role of organizations in this situation?
  • Did COVID-19 prepone the relevance of “Talent Operating System” or it had to happen anyway?
  • Why do “buyer features” still precede over “user features” in importance, allowing Talent OS to take a back seat?
  • How should organizations assess solutions- “combination” or a single point solution? What should come as a core and what should come as an add on?
Moderator: Mr. Pankaj Bansal
Co-Founder and CEO, PeopleStrong
Keynote by: Mr. Abhijit Bhaduri
Founder and CEO, Abhijit Bhaduri & Associates

White Paper Presentations on:

  • Reset the New Work
  • Rediscover the New Worker
  • Revitalize the New Workplace
Moderator: Dr. Ganesh Natarajan
Executive Chairman and Founder, 5F World
Panelists: Mr. Bharat Puri
Managing Director, Pidilite Industries Limited

Mr. RS Sodhi*
Managing Director, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, Ltd. (AMUL)

Ms. Falguni Nayar*
Founder & CEO,

Dr. Ranjan Banerjee
Dean and Professor – Marketing, S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research

Life is ever-changing and the rate of change has increased proportionally over the last decade. The ongoing pandemic is also likely to create another change. As we prepare ourselves to witness the irreversible changes, life has to be viewed from a different lens and accordingly renew our outlook and priorities. Unlearning and relearning is the mantra of the day to face the realities of the new world. This is true from both an individual’s and an organization’s perspective. Every business is reimagining and suitably restructuring to stay relevant and afloat during the ongoing turbulences.

HR professionals must understand this basic nuance and be seen as facilitators of such life renewal events rather than fight against it. It is all about constantly crafting renewal journeys of their colleagues and helping them discover their fullest potential.

In this context, the session will:

  • Share a story of a serial entrepreneur who has taken many successful turns in his illustrious career and renewed life at every given opportunity.
  • How should organizations and HR leaders craft professional journeys for talents and curate experiences that will ensure engagement?
  • How will HR leaders go about attracting talent for emerging businesses? How will talent in new generation businesses grow?
Moderator: Mr. Vikram Bector
President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Piramal Group
Keynote by: Mr. Ronnie Screwvala
Co-Founder and Chairman,

Preparing the talent of the future is the biggest challenge that any CHRO is facing today. It is important for the CHRO to analyze if the organization has adequate skills, skills which are fungible, skills that will prepare organization for the future and negate the challenges of the next normal. The entire Learning Landscape is expected to evolve significantly and rapidly and the way learning in organizations will take place will be very different from how it is delivered today. LXPs are expected to play a significant role in delivering personalized training and learning journeys. Presently the entire L&D function in organizations very ritualistic and fragmented. While the enterprise systems provides the LMS, functional skills and capabilities are borrowed from outside and Leadership development is dealt with at the CHRO level.

The session will discuss:

  • The various contours of the future of learning and how will learning be delivered in the near future?
  • What will be the role of LXPs and how it can transform organizational learning?
  • Where does one get expertise from – inside or outside?
  • How will pedagogies shift? How will blended learning really take place?
  • How will the designs of programmes change?
Panelists: Nischae Suri
President Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, EdCast

Piyush Mehta
CHRO, Genpact

Ms. Sanghita Bhakta
Group Head of Digital Learning, Jardine Matheson

Dr. Shilpa Kabra Maheshwari
Executive Vice President & Country HR Head, Siemens India

CII in association with Talentonic had conducted an extensive research to understand how organizations are reinventing and reimagining for the New Normal.

This session will unveil the findings of the research and will share a couple of compelling case studies.

Moderator: Udbhav Ganjoo
Head of HR - Global Operations, India, Emerging Asia & Access Markets, Viatris
Speaker: Mr. Deepak Dhawan
CEO and Founder, Talentonic HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The Enterprise and Workforce of Tomorrow – Shaping the Future Today

Speaker: Mr. Rahul Sinha
CHRO, Pidilite Limited

There is always a silver lining in the darkest of times. HR and Learning leaders have faced a storm of unprecedented disruptions from a global pandemic, to economic uncertainty this year. L&D teams are in a unique position to lead and be central to the organizations efforts to build for the new normal and future workplace. They need to adopt new strategies and tools to deliver business value by building a more resilient and adaptable workforce that can accelerate growth and innovation. Learn on the top themes that you need to adopt to survive and thrive as we all react, respond, reimagine, and rebuild for a future reimagined and ready for growth and innovation.

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Kamal Dutta
Managing Director, Skillsoft and SumTotal India

Technology has created a host of new jobs by creating opportunities that never existed before. Social Media based businesses, marketplaces enabled by social media and digital entrepreneurs, AI based businesses are all thanks to newer possibilities. So, while technology has replaced many repetitive, menial jobs through automation, the changing landscape of jobs presents an exciting future.

In a report, the World Economic Forum stated that while 7.1 million jobs would be lost through redundancy, automation or disintermediation, 2.1 million more jobs will be created mainly in the specialized areas such as computing, maths, architecture, and engineering.

In the context of the above, sharp shifts are happening on the ‘skill’ front. There is a clear emergence of different skillsets, skills that were non-existent yesterday are in demand today. As a result, HR Leaders must prepare the workforce to adopt to the New Normal by undertaking a mega upskilling and reskilling exercise.

The session is envisaged to focus on:

  • Sectoral analysis of the job scenario in India.
  • Some of the notable shifts taking place from the skill perspective and how should organizations prepare their workforce for such eventualities
  • As the talent architecture is rapidly evolving, what are some of the talent challenges across industries and what should HR do to deal with this change.
Moderator: Mr. SY Siddiqui
Chief Mentor, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
Keynote: Mr. Manish Sabharwal
Chairman, Teamlease Services Limited

Uncertain and disruptive situations become the best time to redefine ‘self’. To move forward in the times of change - finding your message, your Personal brand, around experience, expertise or distinctive edge will be a key discovery. It will critically enable exercising choices in a differentiated talent market. While brand ‘you’ is all about the individual, the role of the organization and especially HR in this context is absolutely critical. Organisations have to facilitate the process of creating personal brands, enable discoveries for people and ensure that brand ‘you’ is made prominent.

The session will highlight the:

  • Understanding the contours of creating a compelling personal brand
  • The importance of an enabling culture in personal brand building
  • How organizations can benefit from talents having a strong personal brand”
Moderator: Ms. Rajkamal Vempati
Head HR, Axis Bank Limited
Panelists: Mr. Harshvendra Soin
Global Chief People Officer and Head Marketing, Tech Mahindra Limited

Ms. Babita Baruah
Managing Partner, GTB

Mr. Kunal Shah*
Founder, CRED

Mr. Kamal Dutta*
Managing Director India, Skillsoft & Sumtotal

While HR has been the custodian of people and people related matters in organizations, the present situation mandates the HR function to be the custodian of Human Lives. It is no longer about managing lifecycle HR activities but going way beyond that to managing lifestyle of people. Also the HR leaders are expected to manage the changing relationship of work and worker, the changing talent architecture and its resultant impact on strategy and manage the Great Expectations from business community.

In this context, the session will:

  • Bring to the fore how HR is transitioning from managing Lifecycle HR to Lifestyle HR?
  • What is the emerging face, capabilities and contribution of the new HR?
  • What is the expectation of outcome from the business community?
  • How does HR enhance skills to tackle the New Normal ecosystem – Work, Worker, Workplace
  • To shape that future together with the business (CEOs) and the Talents (Customers we serve)
Moderator: Mr. Faridun Dotiwala
Partner, McKinsey & Co
Panelists: Mr. Sanjay Behl
Chairman, CII National Committee on Leadership & HR & Co-Founder & CEO | EVP Global Marketing, Nextqore Private Limited

Dr. Prince Augustin
Co-Chairman, CII HR Conclave & EVP- Group Human Capital and Leadership Development, Mahindra Group

Mr. Rajesh Padmanabhan
CEO, Talavvy Business Catalysts LLP

  Mr. Rahul Sinha
CHRO, Pidilite Limited

Ms. Indrani Kar
Principal Advisor, CII & Head, CII-SNCEL