Since the advent of the dot com boom early 90s, digital technologies have been transforming the nature of work, architecture of markets and the structure of organizations. However, never before has the rate of change accelerated the rate of adoption like it is happening now. Organizations, marketplaces, customers and workforce are all digitally disrupted with the advent of Automation, Robotics, Artificial intelligence, IoT and as a result, a New World of Work has emerged. This new world is characterized by agile and delayered organizational forms, changes in the nature of job and career landscapes with the advent of Gig talent.

In this new order, it is important for leaders of organizations to understand the varied challenges and the unprecedented opportunities that it brings. Organizations in this new world will be successful if they are agile and are adaptable to the handle unforeseen challenges.

In this context, the role of the HR function is most crucial as it is the adhesive that holds the organization together. There is an ever increasing demand on the HR function in the current context to be the next differentiator and value creator by:

  • Aligning itself to the changing aspirations of the organization by establishing a close connect with the C-Suite and the Board.
  • Aligning to the new World of Work and their varied aspirations of the key players.
  • Building its own capability to come up to speed to handle these aberrant situations

Objectives and Key Takeaways

  • To discuss, present and share the latest insights and unique perspectives of the changing landscape and emerging challenges of the HR function.
  • To find answers and solutions to how organizations are using unique, innovative solutions to meet the immediate HR challenges of today and tomorrow.
  • To look at mechanisms for enabling HR to link with organizational aspirations by closely connecting with the C-Suite and the Board.
  • To learn about the disruptive technologies that will change the way HR functions.
  • To network with the best minds from varied businesses, thought leaders, academia and solution providers.

Target Audience

The 7th National HR Conclave will be a large congregation of the HR fraternity and stakeholders in the HR ecosystem. It will be an ideal platform for

  • CHROs and senior HR functionaries
  • HR Service Providers
  • L & D Professionals
  • Digital players in the HR space
  • HR consultants
  • Management & Training Institutes and senior management students for brainstorming, sharing experiences and networking.
  • CEOs perspective on Business Cyclicality and people growth.

Past Partners